We constitute a team of experienced physicians and physiotherapists for whom patients’ health and the quality of life is paramount. We do our best to ensure that our medical services meet the highest world standards.

We use the newest methods and techniques of orthopedic and physiotherapeutic treatment, which have enabled many patients to regain the ability to walk, run or practise their favourite sport.


He was the first in Poland to perform the pioneering operation of the so-called “Cartilage Spray” (2015) and he was one of the first to reconstruct the collapsed ligament in the knee using the hybrid method (2013). In June 2017, as one of the first in Poland, he conducted a pioneering implantation of biopolyethylen BioPoly Implant.

At work, he uses modern technologies, including 3D printer, multimedia visualizations.
In selecting the optimal treatment for each patient, he works with geneticists, biotechnologists, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists.

Our patients

Contented patients are the biggest motivation for us.

Our partners


  • On 15-16 May, Dr. Grzegorz Sobieraj, during his training in Turin and Milan, improved his skills in the area of

  • Dr. Sobieraj rescues the patella with a newly registered bioimplant !!! Patients have been waiting for several months

  •  Today on 05/04/2018, the 15th medi European Sports Orthopedics Symposium begins in Estepona, Spain.

  • May this Easter bring You lots of health, joy and happiness  as well as satisfaction in your professional and personal life. Best wishes from Ortho Sport Clinic team.