We constitute a team of experienced physicians and physiotherapists for whom patients’ health and the quality of life is paramount. We do our best to ensure that our medical services meet the highest world standards.

We use the newest methods and techniques of orthopedic and physiotherapeutic treatment, which have enabled many patients to regain the ability to walk, run or practise their favorite sport.

human bones radiography scan image

Rehabilitation / Physiotheraphy

Our qualified team of physiotherapists of Ortho Sport Clinic will safely carry you through the process of rehabilitation after numerous treatments and injuries.

  • Spine and peripheral joints Manual Therapy, including::
    • lumbar-sacral, thoracic and cervical spine disorders, “sciatica” and “brachial”;
    • shoulder pains, frozen shoulder syndrome, functional correction of normal movement pattern of upper limb-shoulder;
    • elbow joint pains, “elbow of a tennis player”, “elbow of a golf”;
    • knee and hip pains on posttraumatic background;
    • therapy of the bandy toe.
  • Functional diagnosis of peripheral arthritis supplemented by ultrasonography;.
  • Strike Force Therapy (ESWT) under USG control;
  • Comprehensive knee surgery after ACL reconstruction (frontal ligament reconstruction), MM and ML reconstruction (medial and lateral meniscus), reconstruction of the kneecaps after dislocation (physical therapy package, tissue mobilization, progressive movement training, sensomotive activities with biofeedback, plyometric exercises);
  • Highly effective therapy for musculoskeletal and ligament-tendon pain by dry-needle and needle-felter needles, and FDM (Facial Distortion Model) in combination with fascial plasty;
    Treatment of postural defects in children, such as lateral spinal curvature, scoliosis, knee arthritis, thalamotomy, flatulence;
  • Full diagnostics and posturographic testing using a podometric platform, Formthotics or MEDI IGLI orthopedic inserts;
  • Hirudotherapy – the therapy with the use of medical leeches – such as hematoma, bruising, ankle sprains, osteoarthritis (knee joints, hock joints), carpal tunnel syndrome, lower leg varices, and more;
  • Physiotherapeutic procedures:
    • point laser;
    • eelectrotherapy
    • magnetic field
    • ultrasound
    • shortwave diathermy and terapuls
    • compressive therapy, pneumatic drainage.