Dr Grzegorz Sobieraj on training in Italy

Dr Grzegorz Sobieraj on training in Italy

On 15-16 May, Dr. Grzegorz Sobieraj, during his training in Turin and Milan, improved his skills in the area of knee replacement.

The prothesis system developed by Italian scientists provides a wide range of solutions ideally suited to the specific needs of the patient. Fixed and removable prothesis; cement, cement-free, anti-allergic – all characterized by modularity of elements. In addition, the system gives physicians the option of pre-operative 3D planning for non-standard operations.

Different models of knee prostheses:

Dynamic – designed to restore the natural joint anatomy and kinematics of the entire range of joint mobility (ROM), thereby improving the patient’s stability and quality of life.

Ultra-Congruent – excellent fit for the natural conditions of the joint

Cruciate Retaining – is a model designed to maintain cruciate ligaments, which are usually removed during surgery (usually front, sometimes back)

Mobile Bearing Ultra-Congruent is a solution that enables physiological internal and external axial rotation

During the practical part of the training in Italy, Dr. Grzegorz Sobieraj had the honor to operate under the supervision of an exceptional specialist, Dr. Fabrizio Rivera Pathologie Ortopediche. It was pure pleasure and extraordinary professional experience.

Over a dozen years of work, Dr. Grzegorz Sobieraj perfected his skills in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Estonia and the United States. Thanks to cooperation with the best centers and specialists in the world, it is currently one of the few orthopedic surgeons in Poland, with the spectrum of treatments within the knee, shoulder, hip and ankle joints and the foot.

If the arthroplasty is the only solution for you, take care of the best prosthesis, tailored to your needs.

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